Apple may be looking at the offer of replacing the battery in replacement program and not only for the affected but eligible units of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 as well. Macotakara, a Japan based website was the first to give the news of an iPhone battery exchange program from the company Apple which could also extend to iPhone 6. As revealed by the users that they were facing the unexpected shutdown issues. Nevertheless, any further alleged battery exchange was not shared by the publication for the iPhone 6.


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The declaration mainly held on the speculations and not on the actual thing. Apple has denied the leak for the battery exchange program for iPhone 6 on the cards. “Service statistics are being constantly evaluated”, stated by the source from Apple to Appleinsider. “For a wide iPhone 6 battery exchange program, there are no plans or ground at this time”. The battery replace program for iPhone 6 is mainly a speculation as there are no proper justification for the replacement as it approached Apple retail store to get the clarity to have no link about the supposed impending program.

Issues in the Battery of iPhone 6s

Owners of the iPhone 6s have stated that once the device display is reflected that it has 30% of battery remaining, it shuts down the handset automatically where it would have if the battery is completely dead. Stopping the gadget to an attachment for a few moments gets the telephone to reboot, the show demonstrates that it has a similar measure of charge remaining when the handset all of a sudden close down.

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With the arbitrary shutdown issue that has sprung up in 2016 with the iPhone 6s, Apple said that it would offer a free trade of broken units that close down haphazardly. These units were delivered amongst September and October 2015. Apple has a decent reputation for uninhibitedly offered out-of-guarantee fixes for flawed handsets, notwithstanding when these shortcomings are recognized after years.

Apple likewise guaranteed to address the iPhone 6s battery issue by revealing a Diagnostic device to counter the bug. Apple has shared that the influenced iPhone 6s cell phones had been left revealed in an excessive amount of encompassing air amid produce, which prompted to the issue. The security of iPhone has gone under examination because of the far reaching battery issues. Apple has even recognized the iPhone 6s issue to the China Consumers Association (CCA) after the last issued the organization a notice. The users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are not clear about the suffering fault in their phone batteries.

If they are clear, then Apple may have to increase the number of devices that will be brought under the battery replacement program.