The company of Elon Musk named as Tesla is looking very keen on the self driving plan that it has had lately and in the year of 2017 Tesla is going to make it big in the autonomous business vehicles. The CEO Elon Musk has taken a step forward in the direction of his plans to get the self driving Tesla cars on the road as soon as possible. A much awaited autopilot update for the owners of newer vehicles are waiting because unlike others or the older versions, the vehicles built after October were in the start, launched without the set of autopilot features, which are the same features as in semi-autonomous features to the older versions of Tesla.

The Update is Finally here with a Catch

The main reason for not having these features in the newer versions is because they are being shipped with the new hardware and software, in the long run which will be updated to full autonomous instead of semi ones that the predecessors had.The most recent redesign by Tesla won’t make these new vehicles completely self-ruling a little while ago in light of the fact that in the short run the more current vehicles will get Autopilot features like more older versions, however they will get completely self-driving over the long haul.

tesla elon musk 1940x1091 Rolling Out of The Latest Autopilot Update for Tesla has Began For the Newer Models Being Manufacturedvia:

Nevertheless, the new update release on New Year’s Eve is not for all new auto proprietors, as at first 1,000 autos will get the upgrade as per Tesla and whatever is left of the proprietors should sit tight for another redesign that is expected inside a week’s opportunity. Be that as it may, there’s a catch, as the upgrade is just live on an underlying 1,000 autos. Most proprietors should sit tight for a more extensive roll-out that Musk said is expected inside a week.

Pros and Cons of the Autopilot Feature last year.

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Elon did not really go in the details of the upcoming update but according to the Electrek, the update had warning of a Auto steering and forward collision system that went viral and on the other hand a video showed another Tesla vehicle using an instant acceleration to escape what could have been a fatal crash. Do let us know what you think about the latest Autopilot system of Tesla


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