Rockstar revolutionary game known as Grand Theft Auto V, GTA-V for short, shortly cleared an magnificent milestone. As stated by GFK Chart-Track GTA-V in the United Kingdom have been sold over six million copies throughout. It’s as impressive as you think because in a rough estimate there is one unit sold in every ten citizens of UK and UK`s population is currently estimated to be about 65 Million. Therefore, the numeric number is stated to be more flounder as digital sales are not considered by GFK Chart-Track which means the actual sales may be much higher than the given one.

However, Over 2 million sales were recorded as being the gap between the second best selling game in UK and GFK Chart-Track adds the title that it was being among the Top 10 Chart for 130 of the 170 weeks since its launch in the market back in 2013. Whereas GTA-V have not received any single player DLC yet, seems like at this point it would not likely to get that.

Rockstar Games GTA-V online have proved to be a huge success, the online import export as shown in the above video shows the perks and is considered the next Big Thing, still it receives constant updates. it is said that the next big thing from the manufacturers is known to be the game called Red Dead Redemption 2, preliminary scheduled for Fall 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

hands on with gta 5 on pc at 4k retk Rockstar Games is on a Go for Past 5 year, GTA V Sold Over the Unit of UK Alone is Over 6 Million. R* coming up with “The next Big Thing”.


Recently expressed by Ben Schachter the analyst of Macquarie Securities, that a PC could be there in the market as early as Q1 2018. However, that’s just a conjecture at this point.

DirectX 12 Patch significally increases the performance of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC

GTA-V was not only an absurd enjoyable video game, but it is said to be the most sharp tongued and intelligent game. This game represented the rarefaction of everything that GTA 4 brought to the market years ago. It is said that it is one of the very best videogames ever to be made for users. GTA-V is considered among the Top 10 game for past 3 years of its launch.