Good news for Rocket League lovers as the upcoming Autumn Update is bringing some really big changes in the game. The update is planned to become a part of the game on 28th of September and following are they key changes/updates that one should expect:

  • Time-limited events
  • Seasonal arenas
  • New battle-cars and items
  • Transparent goalposts
  • Last but not the least, competitive play for ‘Season 6’

59170 01 rocket league autumn update available september 28 Mark your calendars Rocket League lovers! The Autumn Update will be here on September 28thPC Gamers Have An Upper Hand

The update is focused to improve the gaming experience of PC Gamers specially as LAN supported tournaments are added in it. Console gamers will also get the tournament mode next year and that’s also the time when PC gamers will get the full version for it. One of the developers of the game, Psyonix claims:

This AI-powered camera cuts to the most relevant player’s viewpoint based on what’s happening in the match. It can even predict future shots and saves to find the best angles!


The seasonal arena teased above is known as Farmstead which is a free arena, available in competitive, casual and private matches. As stated earlier, this is not going to last long and probably, the next update will vanish it. Moreover, a notable new item which will be available in this update is the ‘Decryptor’. If you’ve been following the game since its start, you’ll probably know the fact that this rare item can help you unlock any crate, even the new Accelerator Crate that can contain the new JÄGER 619 RS battle-car.

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