Mechanical keyboards are the topic of discussion most of the times but what most of the people don’t realize is that a high-end membrane keyboard can provide an even better gaming experience. Also, for those in search of the “Best ever” membranical keyboard, Roccat is here with its ‘Membranical’ Horde AIMO to serve the purpose.

Tom Loske, Roccat’s Technical Marketing Head speaks about the idea of creating this keyboard as a product that has one foot in each camp – membrane and mechanical. Moreover, Loske says that the custom keys are not the same as you might have seen before because the engineering department has completely revamped the keys for better ‘key distinction and precision.’

5 630.2447948955 Roccat Horde AIMO   Will you prefer this best ever membranical keyboard over mechanical keyboards?

What’s In It For Gamers

Talking specifically about the gamers, this keyboard has a multi-function wheel to help you access/control all the new functionality quickly with programmable macro keys with half-height for quick activation. The price of the keyboard is set to be £90 with a budget version also being rolled out with slightly fewer features (for example only blue lights).


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