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RIVE the action-packed, twin stick shooter is officially Announced for Nintendo Switch


Let’s get right into RIVE being announced on the Nintendo Switch. So, RIVE is the big indie game that was going to come out for the Nintendo. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like a 2D action platformer, in which you are like this little robot that shoots guns in a 360-degrees. The motion kind of like it can shoot in any direction is what I’m trying to say and you are like runaround and had to control tons of things and do different things.

The Nintendo Switch is already here and i don’t give a crap about the Wii U anymore, why not play these games on Nintendo Switch. I mean if your favorite game is coming out on Nintendo then why not play it? After all I’m loyal to what’s better and from what I’m satisfied.

RIVE can be played on 60 FPS and will have the exclusive DLC on Nintendo Switch though the details regarding the exclusive development will be shared soon.

The Wii U version has been cancelled for RIVE. Developer Twin Tribe made the announcement along with saying that the Xbox One version of the game is in limbo. No release date has been confirmed at this time.

The game was originally announced for Wii U, Twin Tribes delayed the game because they said they would not release unless it is smooth as 60 Frame Per Second. Even that if that made delaying it to future system. According to developer Twin Tribes currently run smooth 60 frames per second on the Switch.

RIVE was launched on PS4 and PC last year and got fairly good reviews.

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