The new Crucial BX100 is one of the first devices of its type in storage revolution. It is the manufacturer which outperform a hard drive and is very cost effective. The chip is engineered with advanced flash memory technology and make your computer free from storage problem. It stores data in a digital manner, not by finding data out on a spinning platter. This is the everything you need to make your PC efficient.

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Over 15x faster than a typical hard drive

The Crucial BX100 SSD is 15 times faster than a normal hard drive and it delivers 535 MB/s sequential reads on both compressible and incompressible data. It treats all data as same, so it speeds up everything whether its image or ZIP file or even video.

Better value than a typical SSD

At speeds up to 535 MB/s, the Crucial BX100 SSD not only speed up the work but also give the quality of the data. It also delivers an unrivaled value among SSDs.

Nearly 2x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive

This device will run your system longer and harder with using less power. The SSD is 90% more energy efficient than a hard drive due to accessing data in digital form.

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Crucial BX100 Solid State Drive

3-year limited warranty.

Capacity 120GB 250GB 500GB 1TB
NAND Micron 16nm 128Gbit MLC
DevSleep Power Consumption 15mW
DRAM (DDR3-1600) 256MB 512MB 1GB
Sequential Write 185MB/s 370MB/s 450MB/s 450MB/s
Sequential Read 535MB/s 535MB/s 535MB/s 535MB/s
4KB Random Write  43K IOPS 70K IOPS 70K IOPS 70K IOPS
4KB Random Read 81K IOPS 87K IOPS 90K IOPS 90K IOPS
Controller  Controller Silicon Motion SM2246EN
Slumber Power Consumption 115mW
Max Power Consumption  4W
Encryption N/A
Endurance 72TB
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This device will boot up your PC almost instantly and will Load your programs in some seconds. You will not face any type of difficulty for accelerating demanding applications. This all will starts just from ditching your hard drive.