Apple is trying to install Siri virtual assistant again which was before in 4S with some updation. In the mean time, One of the Apple developer launch its own new app Awa virtual assistant, not very efficient but can be used as the Mac alternative of Siri.  What new in it: updated GUI, new icon, more commands built in, bug fix for opening apps.

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Stahl Labs has launched this app Awa, used as new voice assistant for Mac, an artificial intelligence engine to accept natural-language voice commands and blending speech recognition. According to its developer, in milliseconds this app can process and respond to voice commands. You can talk with your computer, with this artificial intelligent assistant.


  • Just say “Open Safari” or “Open Spotify” to open any app
  • You can open applications by saying “Open Safari” or “Open Spotify”
  • It will open web pages faster than ever. Like Just say “open Youtube” to open Youtube.
  • Just say like”Search for Mountains” to search anything.
  • You can do the calculation by asking AWA “395+83” or “38/3”.
  • Make a note by telling Awa “Take note that I should talk more”.
  • Awa will set your reminder & Todes: say “Remind me to go to mall”
  • Ask awe “Where is California” or “Map Restaurants in Dallas ” if you don’t know where to go.
  • You can talk to Awa to entertain yourself in free time.
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Stahl Labs Developer said:

“Our goal is to create the most intuitive assistant for Mac that understands what and when you need things done,” says Joachim Stahl, founder of Awa. “The first version of Awa features the basic commands and integration you could expect from a Mac assistant. We are not stopping there, more features and commands are added daily.” Awe needed  OS ‘X Yosemite” or “El Capitan”. It will costs you $0.99 and you can get it anywhere in the world.

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