Recently, a threatening news alert for all of us came out as reports have shown that some hackers have been attacking the networks of companies responsible for operating nuclear power plants in the US. What’s worse is that this is happening for the last two months as revealed by The New York Times. This has created many doubts in the minds of people across the globe that is America’s nuclear program really safe?

nuclear bomb 3 US Nuclear Power Plant operators attacked by Hackers   Is the US Nuclear Program safe?

The Targets

As the report goes deep, some named were disclosed who’s system are being attacked. One of the names in the list is the “Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation.” The Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation is a facility responsible for overseeing the operation of a nuclear power plant outside Burlington, Kansas. Many other names becoming the target of this deadly game are still unknown.

The Questions Arising

n SCIENTIST MASK 628x314 US Nuclear Power Plant operators attacked by Hackers   Is the US Nuclear Program safe?
After this unprecedented incident revealed, it still needs to be known that how many nuclear facilities are attacked by the hackers up till now and what kind information has been hacked. The attacks don’t necessarily mean that the US nuclear program is unsafe rather the cyber attacks can be aimed at stealing the infrastructure trade secrets. Also, the enemies of peace can be after targeting the energy production facilities.

Also, a question regarding the affectees is still there that whether more than one facility responsible for a nuclear power plant has been attacked, or if employees of Wolf Creek are the only victims thus far.

A Little Relief

As stated in The Times’ joint report:

there is no indication hackers had been able to jump from their victims’ computers into the control systems of the facilities.

Wolf Creek officials have also claimed that their “operations systems” are kept separate from the computer network of the facility. This allows in ensuring the plants’ safety and the cyber attacks are only limited to the computer network of the facility. However, if the attacks are focused more on employees who have direct access to systems, it can result in environmental disasters like toxic waste spills and fires.

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