Despite the fact that Apple AirPods were launched somewhat late, the organization managed to exploit the buildup. In addition, there were varied opinions on the item as far as design and functionality. But many still enjoyed it. Presently, as indicated by another report, the evaluated market share figures have been extraordinarily misrepresented.

Past reports with respect to the market share of Apple’s AirPods was an astounding 26 percent of the aggregate market. New discoveries by statistical surveying from NPD proposes that Apple AirPods just had 2 percent by unit sales and 3 percent by value.

Despite Apple’s genuine market share figures, Beats Electronics has figured out how to score a cut-throat position in the aggregate market for wireless earphones. The report additionally proposes that despite the fact that Apple AirPods market share is very low, the organization enjoyed a decent start. Almost a month after launching, the organization’s wireless earphones were comparable to different brands like Jaybird and Plantronics.

Despite the fact that Apple had a decent start, we need to contemplate the way that Apple AirPods were short in supply after the launch. With due contemplations, sales figures could have conceivably expanded.

airpods Report indicates that Apple AirPods market share is greatly overemphasized
Apple AirPods


In case you’re intrigued, the organization enjoyed 2 percent in unit sales and 3 percent as far as dollar value is concerned. Beats Electronics enjoyed a bulky 25 percent in unit sales while the dollar sales were 46 percent. Moreover, organizations like Plantronics and Jaybird scored two percent unit deals each.

Apple is vigorously contributing to support the sales of its AirPods. The organization has launched three new advertisements that shares bits of knowledge on the Apple AirPods. The latest report proposes that Apple is expanding the creation of its wireless headphones upon demand from consumers.

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Today’s report says that Apple AirPods market share was exceedingly misrepresented and the genuine figures indicate low numbers. What is your opinion about the Apple AirPods?