6 26 Report from Nielsen shows how much U.S has interest in consoles

Today we have few truly interesting information and data on the interest in certain consoles thanks to a report from Nielsen and this is the games of 360 report. They centered on the few things but I want to focus on awareness of the intention to but the latest consoles and reveal something quite interesting. Amount the awareness of the mid upgrades like PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio.

Of the general population only 11% have heard of Scorpio and only 21% have heard of the PS4 Pro. The numbers are bit better if you go with people who are over the age of 13. This is when the gamer category with 14% having heard of the Scorpio and 27% having heard of the PS4 Pro. However, among non-gamers only 3% have actually heard of it or only aware of it. But the thing is if they are not a gamer then it’s a fairly safe assumption to say that they probably don’t read the gaming websites or magazines.

8 8 Report from Nielsen shows how much U.S has interest in consoles

However, things are little rosier when you look at the standard PS4 and Xbox One and the Switch is actually doing pretty good for itself as well. But in the general population 69% of people has a PS4 and 61% has heard of the Xbox One and Xbox One S. As for gamers aged 13 over we have got 77% awareness to PS4 and 72% of the Xbox One/S. 22% have heard of Nintendo Switch in the comparison to 29% of gamers.

Now this report didn’t only look for awareness, they also looked at intention to purchase and it’s pretty interesting there’s not that much difference between the general population and gamers in particular studies.

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