Bing being ignored by a great number of users despite being the default search engine for Microsoft, has decided to take some serious steps. The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian has announced that Reddit has joined hands with Microsoft to create AI tools so that the Reddit’s content is automatically integrated into the Bing searches.

1200px Bing logo.svg Reddit and Bing join hands to integrate the content through AI tools

The New Feature

Reddit has introduced this new feature, dubbed as “Intelligent Search” and this will ease the Bing users in browsing because one of the main features of this search is to answer the questions quickly and promptly. This all-new Intelligent Search feature will work by taking the comprehensive information of your search question and will then compile all information into one refined answer. The search results will be known as “Consolidated from multiple sources.”

60157 01 microsoft announce reddit bing partnership new ai Reddit and Bing join hands to integrate the content through AI tools

Bing says that there are almost 330 million monthly users in Reddit’s community and a total of up to 2.8 million comments are broadcasted on daily basis. Here are the “three initial experiences” as stated by Bing:

While already in Bing, when you search for a specific Reddit topic or subreddit, like “Reddit Aww”, Bing will surface a sneak peak of the topic with the top conversations for the day from Reddit.

When searching for a general topic that is best answered with relevant Reddit conversations, Bing will surface a snippet of those conversations at the top of the page so you can easily get perspectives from the millions of Reddit users.

Bing will be the place to go to search for Reddit AMAs, Q&As with celebrities and everyday heroes hosted by the Reddit community. On Bing, you can discover AMA schedules and see snapshots of AMAs that have already been completed. Simply search a person’s name to see their AMA snapshot or search for “Reddit AMAs” to see a carousel of popular AMAs.