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Recap of Google i/o 2017; Features Google announce this year

Google i/o 2017

Today we’ll be doing a recap of Google i/o 2017, there’s a lot of features that Google announce every year and this year is no different. Most of us use Google services of some sorts, whether it’s Google search, Gmail, Google Photos and YouTube. The cool thing is that Google have apps that work on Apple iOS and then Google Android. And it’s obvious it works best on Google Nexus or Google Pixel.

The theme this year is all about machine learning and AI. Using the power of machine learning Gmail is going to give their users smart response options based on the email content.

Next up is Google Lens, this will be part of the Google photos app. The main function of this feature is to identify objects in photos. For example: Let’s say you take a photo of your University building, it’ll identify it.

Next up is Google Tensor Processing Unit or TPU; Google introduced us last year at Google i/o, this year it’s the second generation TPU. This one is a lot more powerful and it’s capable of delivering 180 TFLOPS of performance. TPU is a very specialized processor that is used for machine learning.

Next up is Google Photo, it has unlimited original size storage for pixel users and unlimited 1080p for all other users. Free unlimited storage for all your valuable images.

Next up is Google Photo Books, it will print a physical photo book for you of up to 40 images in your Google photo and deliver it to your home.

Next up is Notification Dot, this is a borrowed feature from iOS. Apps in Android will give users a notification dot on the apps icon itself.

The next feature is Auto Field, like the name implies this will autofull passwords and other information into the app itself.

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