Power drain in smart phones a generic issue there is no exclusion for other mobile brands as well like Nexus, Apple and Samsung.There is a abnormal power drain has been noticed in Galaxy S6 ,Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S5. There are many reason for drainage like bugs , viruses and malicious software that reduce the battery usage from one day long to simple few hours.

There are few possible solution to fix the problem without any external assistance related to performance and settings and application.

  1. Complete battery cycle once in a month
  2. Turn off unnecessary communication media 
  3. Set less battery efficient display settings 
  4. Find and scan battery effecting apps and possible virus 
  5. Turn off notifications and go for factory setting

Complete the battery cycle mean charge 100% of power in the battery and use it until 5% when it turn off plug in charging and let it to charge full.It is help full to increase the battery life because once all the chemical balance has been fixed to it’s initial solution.

turn off unnecessary battery consuming apps like location, Bluetooth, WiFi ,NFC,GPS ,Mobile tethering and hotspot. It is obvious of you are using less power you are definitely saving it. Always go for gray wallpaper try to avoid the live and high resolution picture set the pictures from the gallery these are less power taking.Set low screen brightness because it is only needed to see the screen no other optimum way to set high brightness.

hqdefault 3 What are the reasons of Samrtphone power drain and  how to fix power drain in  Android   Android 5.1.1 Lollipop solutions
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop battery drain issue


Mobile phone is android and many other smart phone uses different media for communication like internet and Bluetooth mobile data etc that gives it possible exposure to virus first of all scan and restart the device it it doesn’t fix the problem then find the following solution

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Power off >hold power button +volume down key>boots up,keep pressing  power key +volume down key> Safe Mode> start using safe mode.

Turn off unnecessary notification from Facebook and other communication media and from mobile settings ,use only when it is needed.If still the system is loosing battery go for factory settings. Factory setting restart the device fix the issues and solve battery problem other hardware related problems.