The reason behind 1 Terabyte Hard drive shows only 931 GB:

This article is about the 1 Terabyte Hard drives details that why they show only 931 GB. As we all are know that in this modern world every one more storage to save more data if we talk about smartphones, online drives and also in desktop or laptops every one need more storage because there is a lot of applications, video games, movies and many other things which everyone wants to keep but due to low storage they have to delete these important files.

hqdefault 1 Here is the reason that why 1 Terabyte Hard drive shows only 931 GB

If we say that today is a big day because new laptops arrived more storage developers include SSD to hold your data. So after some configuration, your open window and explorer your C drive so it shows 512 GB available space why? so this is common issues of users so in this we will share the information that where your important storage gone, so if you guys want to know so read complete article.

Sometimes we can not access all space of hard drive there is some reason behind it because we installed some software due to we can not access and some software was installed in operating system and that’s why operating system can not able to show this space and sometimes this software was installed in hard drive for the maintenance and management of the hard drives that why it shows some less storage. So that’s the main reason behind this main issue. That’s why when we buy 1 Terabyte hard drive it shows only 931 GB only.

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hard drive space windows required Here is the reason that why 1 Terabyte Hard drive shows only 931 GB