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Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Review

Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Review

The Razer Kaira Pro provides a brain-teaser device for gear-hungry gamers. Since almost every Xbox One accessory works perfectly well with Microsoft’s new consoles, which are the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. There isn’t any tangible reason to purchase the fancy and latest gadgets. This wireless headset possesses an excellent sound quality, a comfy fit, a comfortable and attractive design, and good Bluetooth functionality, and it costs $150.

Razer Kaira Pro Design

Image Source: IGN

The Kaira Pro’s headset is durable and adequately developed. It’s a hard-edged top band, and rotating forks are made of plastic. Also, the internal frame is made of hard plastic, padded with a thin sheet of etched aluminum that helps display the band’s adjustable sizes. The black plastic allows the Razer green accents to pop. (Thin strips of green leather at the rim, the base of the ear cups’ padding, and the top band’s padded center are painted in green mesh). A pair of RGB-enabled Razer logos are located on the ear cups’ backs if you want additional and a different color.

You will find a volume dial, mute mic switch, and a power button located at the back of the left cup. There is an inset USB-C charging port, and you can use the added cable for charging. On the right side, two pairing buttons, one for Xbox consoles and the other for Bluetooth, and a second dial to modify your game-to-chat audio mix are present.

Image Source: CNet

The process of pairing devices and changing between Xbox and Bluetooth is easy and simple across the board. You have to press the accurate button on your headset and then press the pair button on your Xbox or use the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone or computer. 

At the front, there’s a port for the Kaira Pro’s detachable cardioid microphone. Regardless of Razer’s “Hyperclear” branding, it works perfectly like most wire cardioid mics on premium headsets out there. With accurate positioning, it provides clear and noise-free audio. 

Above the wired mic, there’s a small hole that identifies the location of the built-in “mobile mic” that’s used for chatting when the wired mic is detached. Compared with LucidSound 15X, Razer added the built-in mic for players who would like to use a headset with a phone for both gaming and calls while on the go. They would also want to use it without having a mic protruding in front of their faces. 

Also, the secondary mic’s audio quality is a bit lower fidelity than the cardioid mic, so it causes ‘s a slight edge to the sound of your voice. Beneficially, the built-in mic takes in less ambient noise than other gaming headsets and wireless headphones. But the mic would be better in a pinch if you’re in a quiet spot.

Razer Kaira Pro Comfort

Image Source: Kaira

The headset is comfortable. It weighs 331g, which makes it quite heavy that you can’t forget it’s on your head, and it’s light that you won’t worry about leaving it on for several hours. The amount of ambient sound the cups eliminated without ANC, Active Noise Cancelling. It is also spacious, offering lots of space for sound to travel without boxing in your ears efficiently. 

The ear cups and memory foam-padded band are covered with Razer’s proprietary Flowknit mesh, which is typically comfortable. But they can get quickly hot and itchy. The Kiara Pro’s ear cup can’t make you sweat even if the environment is hot. This is an expensive console headset, but the mesh is a cheap option, so using it is a bit shabby.

Razer Kaira Pro Sound Quality

Image Source Verge

The Razer Kaira Pro doesn’t precisely provide the most accurate audio quality. This is unlucky with a standard frequency response among other gaming headsets, with the bass improved by approximately 10dB and delicately de-emphasized mids and highs. It won’t sound too far unbalanced, but don’t anticipate anything like high-fidelity sound coming out of this gaming headset.

Audio output like this is great for electronic music and other genres that benefit from big booming bass, but you may find the sounds of strings and some cymbals get lost in the noise. For instance,  However, some of the subtler details get a little lost to auditory maskings, like the hihat punctuating the drumming aspect and little bits at the edges of Tom Morello’s guitar solo.

Image Source: CNet

This audio output is excellent for electronic music and other music genres that benefit from a massive booming bass. Still, you may discover that some string and cymbals sounds are missing in the noise. For example, the Rage Against the Machine classic Guerilla Radio typically sounds incredible on the Razer Kaira Pro, as all the punch of the loud guitar chords and bass notes are audible enough.

In-game, an audio profile like this implies that the sound of the battlefield may be chaos, besides, even more chaotic. Provided that the bass sounds are extremely loud on the Kaira Pro as a more neutral leaning headset, the din of explosions and gunfire will probably drown out a little of the barely noticeable audio cues that fill a game’s soundscape. It shouldn’t give you a problem most times, as game audio is usually balanced to account for this, but don’t anticipate hearing footsteps when playing games like a firefight in Fortnite or Valiant.

Image Source: Geek Culture

The Razer Kaira doesn’t relatively match that level of attenuation of the Razer BlackShark V2, even though the material used for the ear pads is similar. But you likely won’t experience lots of troubles at home. This attenuation level is quite enough to keep noisy roommates and unnecessary noise from distracting you from the game. There’s a little it can do outside your home (like a noisy cafe), which is disappointing, considering the headset’s Bluetooth abilities.

Razer Kaira Pro Battery Life 

Image Source: CNet

Based on Razer’s statement, Kaira Pro can last for about 20 hours if the Chroma is switched off and 15 hours when it’s on. 

During the battery testing, it was discovered that the Razer Kaira Pro lasted for over 21 hours, 25 minutes, at a consistent output of 75dB even with the Chroma lighting being switched on. This test was conducted over Xbox Wireless to expect bad results over Bluetooth and at increased volumes. If you switch off the Chroma lighting, you can anticipate better results.

Is it good for gaming?

Image Source: Weebeenow

Gaming with the Razer Kaira Pro provides you with a fantastic and pleasantly smooth experience. After you get the headset paired, all it takes is switching it on, and off you go to the races. It’s lightweight and comfy enough to wear for longer gaming sessions without any difficulty. The headset also supports Windows Sonic surround sound on Xbox. Also, this is not a great PC gaming headset. 

If the need to purchase an extra adapter wasn’t ineligible for you, you can’t alter your volume using your computer’s sound settings while paired with Razer Kaira Pro. Only the on-ear volume dial affects. Also, while Windows supports Windows Sonic, the surrounding standard doesn’t play suitably well with the Xbox Wireless adapter and causes audio to reduce in some cases.

If you’re a multi-platform gamer, since people using Xbox Game Pass are significantly increasing, this isn’t incredible for gaming everywhere. But, don’t expect any problem if you stick to the Xbox.


The Razer Kaira Pro is Bluetooth-enabled wireless gaming headphone. It possesses low non-Bluetooth audio invincibility using Xbox Wireless technology, an attractive RGB lighting function and are correctly developed and very comfortable. They also contain a boom microphone that allows your voice to sound crispy clear, and well- detailed, even in noisy places. Sadly, they have a colossal design and aren’t entirely portable.

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