182493 a39d2970562e33baa9697bd694d04ae3 Razer Acquires Second Android company ,Nextbit The smartphone manufacturer

Razer is most popular for its colorful gaming devices like keyboards, mice, and other gaming accessories along with some high spec laptops.
Last year in October 2016 Razer acquires the iconic audiovisual company THX, Razer continues to extend and explore its business beyond the hardware and software for the gaming industry. Razor recently join the smartphones market.

2017 01 30 image 8 Razer Acquires Second Android company ,Nextbit The smartphone manufacturer


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The gaming company just acquired Nextbit Systems Inc. (Nextbit Robin smartphone).Nextbit Robin was a crowdfunding startup company which manufacture affordable, unique and stylish smartphones.It also provides a 100GB of free cloud storage for consumer with the purchase of Nextbit Robin smartphone, it was launch few year ago.

IMG 0011 640x427 Razer Acquires Second Android company ,Nextbit The smartphone manufacturer

Financial details of the agreement are not revealed by any company yet, Razer notifies that the smartphone startup will still “operate as a standalone business unit under its own management”. Nextbit CEO Tom Moss confirmed In their official forum,
Nextbit said it would “operate as an independent division inside Razer” and would do “exactly what we’ve been doing all along, only bigger and better.” Razer’s co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, In an interview with Techcrunch said that the Nextbit brand would be sticking around. Those who bought Robin smartphone will have their warranties fulfill for 6 months and continue to receive updates and security patches till Feb 2018.
Nextbit is the second Android company bought by Razer recently acquiring Android console maker Ouya in 2015.
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