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Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

basilisk-ultimate gaming mouse

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is an exceptional wireless mouse that stays within the price range that’s significantly higher than that of the top picks for the best gaming list. It’s certainly an extraordinary mouse, possessing almost all the extra features you’ll barely be able to discover together in several of its competitors. It is available at the cost of $169/£169/AU$299. However, the question is, is the Razer Basilisk Ultimate worth spending all that money on?

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Design 

Image Source: Razer

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has an angular design that’s entirely diagonal cuts and colourful LED lighting zones and a remarkable Razer logo. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a right-handed mouse with textured sides and a thumb rest on the left side. It’s a medium weight device weighing about 107 grams, and it’s somewhat large at about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide if you decide to include the thumb rest. 

If you have large hands, you’ll indeed find the Razer Basilisk Ultimate very comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. Well, it can comfortably accommodate a palm, fingertip grip, or claw, but it may not suit people having smaller hands or those who desire a lightweight mouse. 

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The buttons possess a fulfilling click. The scroll wheel is top-notch, with a wheel on the underside that allows you to adjust its resistance. When clicking down, you can either tilt the scroll wheel to the right or left, which is a keen option that turns out to be very useful in the heat of combat (well, it scrolls by default, but you can remap it). 

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has a paddle attachment for the left side, which is specifically beneficial for temporarily adjusting the sensitivity. For instance, if you’re into first-person shooters, you can hold down this paddle for proper aiming whenever you’re sniping. 

It comes with its charging dock, which also has beautiful LED lighting around the base. This dock possesses few pins, and the Basilisk connects automatically whenever it’s not in use. The light reflects its charging state, and the angle implies that the mouse resembles a mini desk sculpture when it is docked. 

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Performance 

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Gaming with the Basilisk Ultimate was quite a top-notch experience due to the best-in-class optical sensor and sightlessly fast button actuation. 

The Basilisk Ultimate makes use of Razer’s Focus+ Optical sensor with features including the capability to automatically calibrate itself for various surfaces for driving consistent left-off distance and an adjustable landing distance. Razer’s sensor is correct and responsive, and also the optical switches behind all the buttons. This ability made gaming seem instinctive because when gaming with the Razer Basilisk, you can’t even think about the object in your hand; instead, the mouse will feel like the extension of your hand. It’s as if every movement and clicks are registered almost immediately, and every phobia of wireless input lag will be put to a stop.

Image Source: Razer

The gaming performance can be compared to Logitech’s G502. The Basilisk is a little more attractively thin at 107g than the G502’s 114g, but the difference was ignorable during gameplay. But not adjustable like the Logitech, the weight is accurate.

High DPI settings were ideal for playing twitchy FPS titles such as Counterstrike and Doom. The easy placement of the sensitivity adjustment buttons made it very comfortable to downshift for some accurate sniping.  

The unsatisfactory placement of the sniper button made its usage during gameplay quite uneasy, so It can be neglected entirely in favour of adjusting DPI on the fly using the buttons near the scroll wheel. 

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Features 

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Customizable Scroll Wheel Resistance

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate possesses a dial underneath that allows you to adjust the resistance of its scroll wheel to be as tactile or as smooth as you desire. With this level of personalization, you’ll have the ability to correctly execute bunny hops, selection of weapons, and other scroll wheel actions.

11 Programmable Buttons

You are having an outstanding stock of commands comfortably at your fingertips by mapping your most preferred macros and secondary functions using the Razer Synapse 3. Just like its wired variant, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate possesses the distinctive multi-function paddle.

Image Source: Razer

Razer Hyperspeed Wireless

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is 25% faster than any other wireless technology presently. It won’t even occur to you that you’re gaming with a wireless mouse because of its high-speed transmission, lowest click latency, and uninterrupted frequency switching in the noisiest and data-saturated environments.

5 On-Board Memory Profiles

You can bring your settings anywhere and be match-ready in no time. It can activate up to 5 profile configurations from its on-board memory or custom settings using the cloud storage.

100% PTFE Mouse Feet

Comfortably enjoy the smooth mouse movement across any surface with mouse feet made from the purest, highest grade of PTFE, a material used in coating non-stick pans.

Razer Mouse Dock Chroma

You can add more character to the battle station with a useful charging dock that can uninterruptedly integrate with other Razer Chroma-enabled devices.

Up To 100 Hours Of Battery Life

Its enhanced wireless power efficiency ensures it runs at a peak performance of about 100 continuous hours.

14 Customizable Razer Chroma Lighting Zones

Every of the lighting zones available on this wireless mouse can be singularly programmed in Chroma Studio, making it an exceptional addition to your battle station as you light up your opponents.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Spec

Image Source: Future
BatteryUpto 100 hours
Programmable Buttons11
Cable6-foot braided USB to Micro USB
ConnectivityRF dongle
Shape Right-handed
Sensor20,000 DPI
Dimensions5.1 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches
Weight107 grams


Image Source: Future

Without a doubt, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate can do loads of things, and it does it perfectly. The top-notch battery life, brilliant lights, and prestigious performance easily make it worthwhile if you have more than enough money and don’t require any other upgrades to your setup.

If your entire rig is already Razer, this may also be the mouse for you. You can sync up the RGB on every one of your devices, making the most of the RGB lights on the Basilisk Ultimate. Also, you won’t require various software to manage all the peripherals.

However, you can use the Basilisk Ultimate in wired mode. There’s nearly no excuse for needing to. The wireless charging stand makes it very comfortable to allow the mouse charge after any gaming session. Even if you don’t charge it frequently, the battery is ready for an extended period.

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is fantastic for gaming, but many other things skip those sophisticated features. You can get your hands on a wireless gaming mouse that will perform actions for much less if you’re ready to lose the RGB and wireless charging.

The only thing the Basilisk Ultimate didn’t upgrade from the Basilisk X HyperSpeed was the connectivity. The cheaper mouse provides both a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and dongle-less Bluetooth connection, making it a more competent mouse that can still game confidently. 

Well, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate isn’t small, but it possesses a sloping design and is a little narrow. This can make it feel relatively small in a claw grip or just tiny in a palm grip for people with big hands. 

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