Play a game on the Nintendo Switch with a gaming app runway. The Andrew Sampson developed the Rainway app and claims the app is the first game play app that is supported by the Nintendo Switch. Users can control the game by using a mouse and keyboard through Rainway.

Users can enjoy the Rainway app for free. The app is designed for the users to connect their Switch to the their desktop computers with a wireless. Streaming across the computer and app allows users to connect and enjoy the games. In such a way, you can enjoy the games on other devices. Like Nintendo Switch, users can connect with the web browser for playing the more games.

According to the report, Andrew Sampson is the one of the developers who work for the app that allows you to play the games.

Batman Arkham Knight was the first game that was launched from the Andrew, that shows the craziness of the developer for the game.

The developer is working more for the better quality display of the game. You can see the Rainway app available for the web  browsers and you can enjoy the advanced series and better display of the games.

The most popular game Witcher 3  is also supported on the Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy the game by using the Rainway App.

You can see the Nier: Automata is running via Rainway app in the image given below.

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