radeon instinct amd Radeon Instinct, what does it tell about VEGA?

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AMD revealed what they are calling Radeon instinct. A family of GPU accelerator cards aimed at high performance deep learning machine learning and neural networking applications. That sounds cool but it’s not super helpful for the common for PC gamers. Except that one of these instinct cards that one of these cards are built on Vega AMD’s next big graphics architecture.

Screenshot 1 Radeon Instinct, what does it tell about VEGA?

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Three cards were shown off, the Mi6 which runs a Polaris GPU. The Mi8 which actually runs Fiji the same chip in R9 Fury nano cards and the Mi25 Vega which runs light. I think…!!! nope… nope.. that is Vega, it runs Vega. It should be noticed that these are passively cooled cards because they are meant for server racks that had their own cooling but AMD did give us at ease at Vega’s gaming capability.

mood2 1 Radeon Instinct, what does it tell about VEGA?

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They were showing a demo of DOOM running at 4K on the Vulcan graphics API. Hitting upwards of 70 FPS. But the gaming version of the card was so secretive. AMD had to tap up the rear I/O. I mean dang! Vega don’t be shy now, show your stuff.


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