Those waiting for the Radeon Instinct MI25 specifications, we’ve got a facelift for you. AMD has finally revealed the specs and a 16GB HBM2 memory tops it pretty well. Have a look at the pictures below showing the amazing specs and do pay head to the summarized specs list too!


  • Vega 10 GPU with 4096 Stream cores
  • A standard 300W TDP
  • 12.3 TFLOPs (lesser than those of Radeon Frontier)
  • Memory bandwidth of 484 GB/s

As confirmed by the company, Fiji will continue to power the Radeon Instinct MI8 with all 4096 Stream Processors and 4GB of HBM1 memory, despite the aging technology.

For the ‘Instinct MI6’, Polaris 10 GPU having 2304 unified cores and 16GB of GDDR5 memory is planned and the best part is that it may have a ‘License to kill’ signature by James Bond on it.

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