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Qualcomm’s New Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner Can Work Through Glass And Metal

Qualcomm's new Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Qualcomm just announced their next generation of Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner technology in shanghai at MWC. This new generation of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner builds over their current Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID technology. Which offers a lot more functionality compared to its predecessor.

The new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner technology will be able to register fingerprints even on glass. While other surfaces like metal and display will also be compatible. There is also no limit to its functionality. Where this new technology will also work under water. Aside from registering fingerprints this new technology from Qualcomm can also detect blood flow as well as a heartbeat. Which should open up a lot more ways to making a smartphone more secure.

According to Qualcomm ’’We are excited to announce Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors because they can be designed to support sleeker, cutting-edge form factors, unique mobile authentication experiences, and enhanced security authentication. This provides OEMs and operators with the ability to offer truly distinct, differentiated devices with added value on truly groundbreaking new devices’’.

What’s great about this new technology from Qualcomm is its compatibility. Where aside from Qualcomm Snapdragon equipped smartphones, this new technology can also be used with other chips as well. Though when it comes to Qualcomm, support for this new technology will start from their Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 lineup. Where it’s already supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 and 660 chip.

Qualcomm will start offering their new fingerprint scanners to manufactures starting this month. Where we might see it being used on the upcoming smartphones as soon as next year. A finger print scanner that works under glass and metal can open up ways to a lot of new concepts. Wouldn’t it be great to use a smartphone that is all display at the front.


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