Qualcomm had a financial set back after those legal proceedings against Apple but the company has emerged out as a successful one and especially at the CES 2018, we’ve seen some interesting things at the Qualcomm desk. At the event, Qualcomm announced the all-new QCC5100 Low Power Bluetooth SoC which has the distinguishing feature of saving up to 65% of battery.

60468 07 qualcomms new bluetooth chip up 65 more battery life QCC5100 Low Power Bluetooth SoC by Qualcomm   The Bluetooth technology is about to be revamped with 65% of battery being saved!

The Bluetooth Performance

With even better performance features, this Bluetooth chip is going to save about 65% of the juice so it can be termed as a much bigger advancement. The QCC5100 will actually back the Bluetooth enabled devices, saving the device’s own battery. To make it understandable for you, let’s put it as if you are going to get an audio playback time of many days!

According to Senior VP and GM of Qualcomm’s Voice & Music business unit, Anthony Murray:

The new QCC5100 chip transmits much more power which will reduce the number of times headphones cut in and out when you’re moving through a busy place or on transportation.

Notable Features

Qualcomm’s new QCC5110 comes with these distinguishing features:

  • Bluetooth 5 (found on smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone X)
  • Double horsepower inside of the QCC5100
  • Improved active noise cancellation and hearing assistance
  • Detection of a loudspeaker announcement such as at the airport or train station

Qualcomm QCC5110 will be a part of the upcoming smartphones and other devices so it seems like the future of Bluetooth is cool!

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