With Qualcomm’s constant improvements in its capabilities, the competitors have gone nervous. Qualcomm is the only company that has the chipsets to support 5G technology and this added with some other advantages over its competitors, is threatening them.

%name Qualcomms upcoming deal with Broadcom has threatened competitor companies including Intel
The acquisition deal between Qualcomm and Broadcom was under discussion for quite a long time and despite some limitations from the governing bodies, it seems like this has to be done. But things have taken a sharp turn here and it seems like Intel now wants to acquire Broadcom.

This scenario has affected both the companies with Intel’s shares dropping to 1% and Broadcom’s shares rising over 6%. If the share prices tend to move in the same direction, this would be a very big threat to Intel and that’s why they want Broadcom to be acquired. This is what Intel’s spokeswoman has said:

That being said, we have made important acquisitions over the past 30 months – including Mobileye and Altera – and our focus is on integrating those acquisitions and making them successful for our customers and shareholders.

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