We are about to see a major change in the second part of this year. Where notebooks would be powered by mobile processors like Snapdragon. For this reason Qualcomm also made some adjustment while manufacturing their Snapdragon 845 chip. That comes with a PCB that is also designed to fit perfectly inside a notebook as well. With the help of Qualcomm manufacturers would now be able to fit, phone PCB perfectly inside their notebooks.

Asus Novago Windows 10 on ARM 696x375 Qualcomm To Partner With Numerous Phone Manufactures To Launch Snapdragon 845 Powered Notebooks

Snapdragon based Windows 10 notebook are still in its initial stages. Which for now only includes a couple of manufacturers including HP, Lenovo and Asus. Which have already showcased what they and engineers over at Qualcomm have to offer. Though it won’t be easy to market such a product in an environment which is already dominated by lead competitors.

Still, looking at what a Snapdragon based Windows 10 notebook would offer is what we are excited about. As the platform promises an always connected PC, something that a lot of users are looking for nowadays. Aside from that Qualcomm also intends to expand its reach. Where these Snapdragon based Windows 10 notebooks would also be available in carrier stores. A strategy that Intel had no luck with during its struggle.

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Qualcomm have also been working with numerous carriers around the world. Reason why it have been able to influence the decision to bring forth a Snapdragon based Windows 10 device to the market. But if Qualcomm was successful with such an idea, then Intel will also benefit from this decision in the long run.

This idea from Qualcomm will allow any phone manufacturer to create its own Windows 10 based 2-in-1 device. Meaning we are about to see tons of options available for us in the near future. Which would also be a good replacement for Google based Chromebook devices. Which offers a similar idea tied to an OS that is very limited.

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