Among many press releases from Qualcomm, one did caught over attention among the bunch. As its going to directly affect the connectivity of our phones in the near future.

Qualcomm announced that they have manufactured a new integrated connectivity chip named WCN3998. This chip will be used in next generation of processors for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards. The new standards includes Bluetooth 5.1 as well as Wi-Fi 802.11ax. These new standards will also bring a lot of improvements with it in range, speeds as well as battery life.

Qualcomm 5G mmWave antenna module Qualcomm To Bring Advanced Bluetooth And Wi Fi Standards Next Year

Compared to the current 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard the upcoming one from Qualcomm will consume around 67& less battery life. Same goes for the Bluetooth standard as well. That Qualcomm will be pairing with their dedicated chip named QCC5100. That will be used in wireless earphones to provide a full day of battery life. Not only that but the new Bluetooth 5.1 standard would also have zero lag and better sound quality.

532923 snapdragon modem family Qualcomm To Bring Advanced Bluetooth And Wi Fi Standards Next Year

According to the company ‘’Qualcomm Technologies continues to be in the forefront of smartphone connectivity with advanced and highly-integrated 802.11ax and audiophile-quality Bluetooth features as well as the latest in encryption technology, which allow our customers to offer differentiated solutions and accelerate time-to-market while reducing development cost and solution size. The WCN3998 solves immediate real-world challenges and supports new applications with the right mix of advanced capabilities while helping our customers to effectively navigate the turbulent industry transition to broadly interoperable 802.11ax networks over the next two years’’.

qualcomm snapdragon 845 main Qualcomm To Bring Advanced Bluetooth And Wi Fi Standards Next Year

Qualcomm will soon be shipping its WCN3998 connectivity chip to different clients. Where we might also see it as soon as next year among many phones. But do expect the next Galaxy phones to also come with one with the launch of Galaxy S10. That is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SOC.

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