A few days back, an intriguing controversy came up. It was regarding Qualcomm’s booth at CES this year. Qualcomm revealed lots of information about the Snapdragon 835 at this year’s show. A reference device showed the processor at this year’s show. According to some reports, the reference device was apparently the Nokia 8. This news hit mainstream media and people began to wonder what kind of features the Nokia 8 will have. And now Qualcomm refuses that the Nokia 8 was ever displayed at its booth.

It appeared to be unrealistic. The Nokia 8, with its specifications appeared to be prepared to surprise world. It came with the Snapdragon 835, a 24MP back camera, front facing speakers and more components which put it comfortably at the top of the flagship cell phone race. For an organization which hasn’t received much love from the cell phone world of late, Nokia appeared to be all the more prepared to make an extraordinary rebound.

Nonetheless, US chip making mammoth Qualcomm is refusing the presence of such a cell phone at its stall. In an email to Nokiamob, the organization’s PR division unequivocally expresses that the gadget is just a reference configuration based to house the Snapdragon 835. Whether HMD has a Nokia 8 being produced still isn’t known, yet as per Qualcomm, the gadget displayed at its stall wasn’t it.

Nokia 6 4 Qualcomm states that the Nokia 8 was a reference device at the CES booth

The gadget was Qualcomm’s own reference plan and is not identified with either Nokia or HMD worldwide in any capacity. The flagship cell phone world turns out to be more unsurprising step by step. Mostly Apple, Samsung and a few other manufacturers are ruling the flagship smartphones right now. This year, 10nm at last reaches cell phones. The process will include of loads of performance and power efficiency enhancements with it.

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The lion’s share of leaks so far identify with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8. Both the gadgets will totally change their plan, components, 10nm processors, no headphone jacks or home buttons. It seems to be a great year for cell phone people. There’s still time left until more gadgets are released, so more information emerge.