After the recent Apple-Qualcomm legal war, we saw some drastic changes in the industry going against Qualcomm. However, the American-based company is fighting back to acquire its previous position and for that, Qualcomm has announced a Snapdragon processor that can take on the challenge of running a 16GB RAM smartphone.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm aiming for the future of smartphone processors – A processor to support 16GBs of RAM might be on its waySnapdragon 1000

The proposed name of this upcoming flagship is Snapdragon 1000 and according to the rumours, it is going to have a radical TDP, performance, and feature set that will blow other SoCs out of the water.

The Die Size

The main thing of concern here is that Qualcomm isn’t in a position to confirm that whether they can accommodate this huge performance chip in the size of a normal smartphone processor die. Chances are that we might get to see a much bigger processor than the traditional smartphone and tablet SoCs.

For the power input, the Snapdragon 1000 reportedly runs with a 12W TDP. Now compare it with a conventional 6.5W TDP of the Snapdragon 850 and think of the structural changes that the manufacturing company will have to go through.

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