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Brace yourselves for the technology storm; Qualcomm claims that you can control a drone through an LTE connection

  • LTE controlled drones to hit the shelves in the near future

In this technology transition world, every single news matters. A recently revealed news by Qualcomm seems like a technology makeover to the traditionally remote controlled ‘Drones.‘ As most of you know, that the internet is now necessary to fly your drones if you wish them to communicate while they’re delivering packages.

Features like live streaming video and other coordinations are dependent on a good quality internet connection. Though LTE is a pretty fast option naturally, the first question that comes to our mind while thinking of this possibility is that how can you control your Drone with an LTE connection while the machine is touching the skies.

After all, there are certain limitations to the connectivity and they require a certain field to act within.

Qualcomm Believes

According to the statement of Qualcomm, you can definitely fly a drone with your normal LTE connection. They have tested a flight through LTE and they believe that they’re ready for the prime time.

According to the reports of the test conducted, a drone can catch the signals even on a height of up to 400 feet. The test included around 1,000 flights and the results were quite encouraging. This makes a very easy-to-handle connection which helps you a lot during flight.

Improvements To Be Made

Though the system is not perfect Qualcomm believes that they will soon make the necessary improvements. The signal drop issues and interference are the things that need to be looked at. Qualcomm plans to make an environment where there are more and more drones in the sky at the same time.

For this, the company aims to build such software which better picks the strongest cell tower signal. This technology showdown is not far from you and you might see the drones flying over in the near future.


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