Based in Slovenia an electric boat called Quadrofoil has been the word of mouth of many people lately. It`s been few years that the Battery-Powered Hydrofoil became the main theme. It’s only a year behind production, its first 100 limited-editions been sold this year on which it’s planned to deliver during the year of 2017. Electric boats are not much discussed these days, but right now there are some new interesting developments been done.

quadrofoil 2 Quadrofoil produciton is ready, Says the CEO, All Electric boats will soon be able to Fly on Water.via:

Quadrofoil are one of those projects who is recreating for passengers and cargo. A design of hydrofoil enables the downfall drag and increasing speeds by up raising the hull of a boat over the water. It feels like you are hovering over the water, which is pretty awesome. The company is basically working on 4-seater and 2-seater versions of its ship which is hydrofoil concept.

The prototype for the 2-seater is completed in their last production and released a video of it on social media and other related websites. A limited run of 100 units are being pre-sold and are delivered in next few months.

In order to increase the production for their regular models, the Quadrofoil Q2S and Q2A, the company secured a 1.2 Million euro loan with the investment of Slovenian and the development bank while it finishes a 60 Million Euro financing round. The company wrote on its website (Electric Vehicles Research):

“The engineers team took over a year to test it thoroughly, review it, FINE-TUNE and upgrade the original Q2 prototype, the one finished and ready for serial production.”

QuadroFoil Front Quadrofoil produciton is ready, Says the CEO, All Electric boats will soon be able to Fly on Water.via:

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Investors are having the demonstrations of the Quadrofoil in order to raise the money. The version Q2A is equipped with a 3.7 kW electric motor and a 5.2 kWh battery pack. It’s basically for low speed boats on lakes. But the star of the show is $30,000. It is equipped with a high motor powered by two of the same 5.2 kWh battery packs. A speed of up to 40 km/h (25 Mph or 21 Knots) is achieved and within only 5m (16ft) the vehicle will airborne.

The company of Quadrofoil is talking about 80km of range about 50 miles, which shows that you can get 2 hours of fun per charge and the best part is that the pollution of noise is kept to a minimum level and there is no Gas needed for this.