Speaking of the modern-day flash memories, QLC is definitely the future which will increase its density. What we expect of the QLC technology, includes revised, lower pricing for flash-based products at the top-most priority.

IdAZ1dsqozbc3q3P Marvells QLC capable memory will be replacing the NVMe 1.1 Eldora (88SS1093)

Using the QLC memory, Intel may roll out the SSD 660P with unbelievable read/write speeds, i.e.

  • Read: Up to 1,800 MB/s
  • Write: Up to 1,200 MB/s
  • 150,000 IOPS

The fewer NAND chips in the QLC controller will make the devices even more compact with increased performance. The controller is said to be succeeding over the NVMe 1.1 Eldora (88SS1093). If you don’t know about Eldora, it is the one used in SSDs like Plextor’s M9Pe.

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