Remember the old days when arcade gaming was a thing. Recently arcade classics like Street Fighter have been brought back to life, but playing them on a console controller is not that satisfying. In order to enjoy a game like Street Fighter an arcade controller is a must. Till now there were a few companies to choose from mainly Razer, Hori and MadCatz.

Qanba a Chinese company, is also going to be one of the companies to sell arcade controllers now. As the company is entering the market with Arcade controllers made especially for the Playstation consoles, including PS3 and PS4. Though the star of the show among them is their premium Arcade controller called the Qanba Dragon.

Qanba Dragon will cost you $299 while the build quality compensates for the price. Qanba Dragon has a very sturdy build and with a build like that comes some heft as well. The Qanba Dragon weighs around nine pounds. It’s not something that is really portable as well. Because of the weight and the size of the overall controller. But Qanba has a solution for that as the company is also selling a Guardian travel pack, which would help its users to carry it.

Qanba Dragon only comes in black color with a silver stick and black buttons. The overall look of Qanba Dragon gives of this rugged look making anyone who carries it look like a professional. If that wasn’t enough even the USB cable is braided to show your opponents that you mean business. Qanba Dragon can also be modded, as users can change the buttons to their liking. They just need to flip the box open in order to reassign the buttons to their liking. There is also some extra space inside the Qanba Dragon in case the players needs to store some snacks or a favorite game of theirs.

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