Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. today came out with the announcement about their latest, quarterly earnings and the results show; the company did not have a strong quarter, overly. Expectations of Lisa T. Su are, however still high as the CEO states AMD is not off-track; especially in terms of shipping its Zen Processors alongside Vega Graphic Chips, well on time next year.

amd zen processor   cpu Q4 2016   FY 2016 Results Announced By AMD; Analyst Expectations Beaten

Intel on the other hand had wonder year and a remarkable quarter and in the light of the same; AMD’s performance and quarter results remained under much speculation and finally when the results for AMD emerged, they looked somewhere between week and strong.

As far as the GPU segment of the company is concerned, the company definitely saw improvement and strength, observed in mobile applications and desktop; with the RX-series GPUs it newly introduced.

Lacking any addition or improvement in terms of new and modified products relating to their CPU/APU, AMD faced seemingly flat sales and flat earnings.

The latest results revealed that the Q4 revenues for the company were $1.11B US while the net loss with the same was $51M whereas in Q3, net loss with much better $1.31B revenues remained $293M; considerably heavy rather much larger.

Hopefully by totally shedding the reasons and factors for the huge loss off their mind (faced by company in Q3) perhaps, the AMD team focused more with the markets of both GPU and CPU/APU previously and even now. The proof of the same is AMD’s ability to enhance or increase company’s cash on hand; despite the losses company suffered or faced through various quarters. 

AMD has high expectations and high hopes with Ryzen that they plan to launch this year, most probably in March; as per company CEO statement, the extremely competitive new designs will be a challenge for Intel or Nvidia; their arch rivals.

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