So it is the time of the year that most of the gamers have been waiting for, the full release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Not only this, the game will roll out with a brand new Nvidia-optimised driver to boot. CEO of PUBG Corp., CH Kim spoke to PC Gamer where he expressed his views like:

The team is in the process of discussing with a lot of different production companies around the world to see [what] we could work together on particularly regarding new tools and functions that improve just how fun the game is.
When it comes to the in-game rules we are doing a lot of experimenting right at this moment, we’ve been gathering some of the top [ranked players] in Korea and trying to test out the speed and the size of the blue zone. We tried removing the red zone for certain games, and those are some of the experiments that have taken place so far.

maxresdefault CEO of PUBG Corp. speaks up regarding the PC version of the game   Nvidia optimized driver to accompany the game!

CH Kim also spoke about the scoring system, which has been overhauled:

You can’t just have one match and be over with it, there needs to be a series of matches in order for us to get a winner, [therefore] we’re further fine-tuning what to do with the scoring system.

PUBG is available for $30 or £26 and can be bought from Steam or official third-party retailers such as Humble Bundle.

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