asfhdgffgfsd Xbox Phil Spencer: PS4 Pro should compete with Xbox One S not Xbox One X as its not a 4k machine

Phil Spencer is providing us a lot of entertainment recently, he’s been giving a lot of interviews and trying to promote Xbox One X. In one of the interview he was talking about Xbox One X capabilities and he brought up a point where he said Xbox One X is sort of out of any other console leagues. What he actually said:

“I look at [PS4] Pro as more of a competitor to [Xbox One] S than I do to Xbox One X,” claims Spencer. “This is a true 4K console. If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it’s in a different league than any other console that’s out there.” Spencer points out 40 percent more GPU speed, more RAM, and the speed of storage as the advantages of the Xbox One X over the PS4 Pro, but he also knocks Sony’s methods for getting to 4K resolutions with some of its games. “When I think about techniques to somehow manufacture a 4K screen like what some other consoles try to do, this is different than that.” Spencer also says he expects the majority of consoles that Microsoft sells next year will be Xbox One S.

Surely Xbox One X is much more powerful than PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of like specs, it has a faster CPU which is heavily modified and 40% in GPU performance and also which is important it comes with more RAM. Overall these advantages will have an effect on better graphics and higher resolutions.

However, at the end of the day saying that Xbox One S is really on the par with PlayStation 4 Pro or in the same sort of league is just overstatement because Xbox One S is even less powerful than PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim, not to mention even PlayStation 4 Pro.

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gfdhfgjgf Xbox Phil Spencer: PS4 Pro should compete with Xbox One S not Xbox One X as its not a 4k machine

PlayStation 4 Pro is like 3 times more powerful than Xbox One S whereas, Xbox One X is like 40-50% more powerful in performance to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Giving this kind of statements fire new kind of console wars and surely Xbox One X is going to be different in graphics and performance but is it really be that huge? Let us know what do you think about his statement in the comment section below.