playstation logo wallpaper 2 768x432 PS4 Firmware Update 4.72 is causing Seen Offline Bug for a lot of Users And it can be solved now

We have reported on system software update 4.72 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro system two days ago when it was actually released. The update doesn’t really bring a lot of improvements, no kind of new features. It was more about bringing stability patches and patching the operating system against Jailbreaker threats and hacks.

New system updates are always welcome that fixes the issues and bugs but this particular update seems to introduce a new one. According to GearNuke there’s quite a lot of people complaining about this online update because, it causes a new bug where you can be Seen as Offline for a lot of Users. According to GearNuke:

If you have installed the new firmware update, there is a chance that you might be seen as ‘offline’ on PSN even if you are actually online and have set your status on PS4 to online. This bug was introduced after the new firmware update with reports emerging from online forums like NeoGAF and reddit talking about the same issue.

Thankfully this is not a major bug and it can be simply fixed by simply going into the settings menu and then logging out and logging back into your PlayStation Network account. Hopefully this will fix the issue for those who were affected by it after the latest firmware update for PS4.

This fix may work fine and hopefully it will if you have this issue but it’s second firmware where it introduces some new bugs. Microsoft has something where you can actually sign in for updated Beta test program where you are getting all kinds of updates and new features prior to anyone else.

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12 8 PS4 Firmware Update 4.72 is causing Seen Offline Bug for a lot of Users And it can be solved now

There’s actually pros and cons from user perspective. Pros would be the fact that you get to use or test some of the new features that everyone else will have to wait for another month or two. Cons would be your system stability may not be up to scratch. A lot of Xbox owners complaining about the system stability with some patches and updates.