What is the best performance you can expect out of an electric bus? Well, a Proterra electric bus reportedly managed to hit the 1,100 miles mark on a single charge. Proterra’s one of the best offerings, the Catalyst E2 Max electric bus has done something exceptional. The bus now holds the world record for longest distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge. Here are the specifications on which the bus relies:

  • A whopping 660kWh of storage
  • Equivalent to 11 Chevy Bolts

https www.proterra.com wp content uploads 2016 09 1 PROTERRA CATALYST E2 BUS 800x496 Electric Busses are our future   Proterras Catalyst E2 Max ran for 1,100.2 miles on a single chargeAn on-record run of 1,101.2 miles (1,772.2km) is now embedded in the achievements list of the bus. All this happened on the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana where the bus ran silently to complete the 1,101.2 miles round.

Electric Busses Are The Future

The amazing figures have compelled us to say that these electric buses will soon replace the usual diesel consuming busses in favor of a cleaner environment. The drivers can end their day to commute with a powerful recharge at the end of the day. The powerful battery demands a powerful charge of at least an hour to run it again. Not only Proterra, other manufacturers from countries like China have also gathered up to turn these giant EVs into a reality. These companies include BYD, Daimler, Cummins and how can we forget our favorite Tesla.

Tesla Model S P100D sets a new world record - First ever EV to hit the 1,000 KM mark on a single charge