Apple’s leather and silicon iPhone cover good enough in design and elegance while it does not serve its primary function of protection. If you really want to save your phone from a possible damage go for another option. There are many material which are more reliable than iPhone cover.

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There are two different products for iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus for strongest protection. The first ballistic glass screen protector is on sale at Amazon for $7. The other one option is ultra-slim case that’s made out of real body armor material with almost same price range.

iphone 7 plus screen protector tech armor 01 Protect your iPhone 7 with super guard the ballistic glass screen protector and ultra slim armor material

Tech Armor Apple iPhone 7 The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

    • DESIGNED FOR APPLE iPhone 7: Ballistic Glass iPhone Screen Protectors is best protection to prevent damage from drops and scratches. 
    • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY HD BALLISTIC GLASS: It is made of the highest grade Japanese Asahi glass. It is a multilayered glass protector with round corners and able to provide 99.99% almost 100% protection with 3D touch force absorption.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The glass cover has been designed accordingly with the shape of iPhone 7. As it is curved edges phone the cover is also curved to protect from bubbles. 
    • CASE FRIENDLY: Works with most iPhone 7 covers has nothing to do with installation just open the cover and paste on screen. 
    • HIGH GRADE COMPONENTS: Tech Armor Ballistic Glass screen protectors use  the Asahi branded Japanese glass and Silicone. This technology gives them clarity and easy installation.

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