Brendan Greene, the man behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has surely started a new Irma with his game which every modern-day gamer has loved. The game is becoming a big hit and Greene is confident enough that the sales figures can cross the 300,000 bar. Now that the game is a success, Greene has decided to partner with Vivox and you’ll be witnessing the proprietary 3D positional audio technology integrated into the game. According to Vivox CEO, Rob Seaver:

Our team has been playing PUBG since it launched in Early Access, and we’d like to congratulate Bluehole and Mr. Greene on the exceptionally positive response they’ve received from players. Even after a hundred game integrations, we’re always excited to see a game utilize our capabilities to enhance gameplay and community engagement for players. Bluehole has done a fantastic job and has shown how much core pieces of technology – like 3D voice comms – can change player experiences.

The President of Vivox, Mr. Dave Verratti says:

We will continue to work with Bluehole to provide PUBG players with even better communication experiences. We’re a gamer-oriented company, and we want to improve communication for all gamers. We support developers of any size, have a bunch of tools that can be easily utilized across game genre and platforms, and we’re going to bring all of that experience to continue improving PUBG’s in-game comms.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene said:

From the very start of development, our goal was to create the most immersive and complete Battle Royale experience on the market today. We were aware of Vivox’s capabilities from their previous game integrations, and their 3D positional voice technology was a must-have for us, and the stability and support they provide to development teams saved our studio weeks of effort.

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