By now you must have heard about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. If not well its Microsoft’s aim to deliver smooth gameplay at 4k resolution. Basically with Project Scorpio Microsoft will be competition with the PC gaming market.

According to a new report, aiming on smooth gameplay is not the only thing Microsoft is concerned about for their Project Scorpio, because a new motion interface is also in the making. According to a Microsoft software engineer who is currently working on Project Scorpio a new Motion Design Language is in works on the prototype of the Project Scorpio that the engineer has been working on.

All this information have been taken from the engineer’s LinkedIn profile, which also states that Project Scorpio is to have around six teraflops of computing power. If you don’t know, teraflops is basically a measurement of the performance that a GPU has. Right now the most powerful GPU on the market known as the GTX 1080 has around nine teraflops of computing power.

According to the engineer “I’m currently prototyping Xbox Scorpio Motion Design language, which is targeting Holiday 2017”, the software design engineer writes. “What are we going to do with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power? Find out next year on Christmas morning”

Yes there is a new motion design language but as of now no one is certain what components does the new design actually include, maybe Microsoft only improved on some certain aspects of the interface. Or maybe Microsoft has come up with an entirely changed interface. We won’t know for sure till June.

"PlayStation Now" service is now going to be expanded for PC streaming too. Microsoft has also decided to jump into the competition

E3 is just around the corner and we hope to see what Microsoft have for us, if the company wanted to demo their new Project Scorpio and its potential. If not then we have to wait till the Holidays to really know what Microsoft have achieved.