In the world of technology after MWC, we are waiting for worldwide gaming event known as E3 2017. However, it is closer now. But how can we not hear anything or any news from the Project Scorpio? A console game loyal 4 is also coming at E3, according to the promise of Microsoft’s subsequent. A few days ago, Phil Spencer who is Xbox conduct told us about the console and how it comes to alive before expected date.

e3 2017 Project Scorpio May Revealing E3; Launches This Year
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Let’s talk about Phil Spencer report as it is the latest news. Phil Spencer has told us about how all the matters are put together like it recently revealed Xbox Game Pass and Project Scorpio. Phil Spencer also promised that product of Project Scorpio is describe before it is going to be shown at E3. Before that, so much work is required. Right now, even plans are not fully set and discussed. So there is no actual news about the matter and we have to wait a lot.

Anyhow Phil Spencer was looking very positive about the matter of the Project Scorpio He said work is going in the good pace. Phil Spencer assured that the work on the Project is faster then describe on schedule. He was happily announcing that alpha version of the game will be release soon until November to its rewarded customers only for the testing.

xbox scorpio spencer price Project Scorpio May Revealing E3; Launches This Year
image source: .cdn.wccftech.

Project Scorpio will be soon launched in any coming date of 2017 all over the world. This news is just an initial, we will keep you update with the latest news about what happen next about E3 and Project Scorpio.

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