We don’t like to give you news about companies which are shutting down for some reason or they discontinue to make their products which they already announced. But now and then we have heard much such bad news recently we heard about the end of the ZTE Hawkeye product. It must be a sad moment for those at least who have early supported this project CXS.

ZTE hawkeye Failure Of Project CSX By ZTE Company
image source: media.bestofmicro

Project CSX by ZTE is a kind of nice idea. Get some good and ideas for mobile devices by engaging and indulging smartphone community.This project was fostering some sort of new and young mobile companies by engaging them like OnePlus. At the start, the project was going well but slowly it started to fell. So we can say ZTE’s  crowdsourced phone was very midrange for the new adopters, so ZTE had to take back and end the project. ZTE’s in August outsource its product for testing. But ZTE  phase out the Kickstarter campaign about crowdsourced smartphones Project CXS after it failed to get enough interest from the people.

With less feature but price about 199$, the phone was very unsuccessful. The company tried to mark its mobile a good mobile by polling from the mobile community about the key features which need to be upgraded,  but it tried to stick with the $199 price. This also caused fail in the Kickstarter campaign which limited its options somewhat.

1487470904797 Failure Of Project CSX By ZTE Company
image source: .ooyuz.

When that point came where the campaign was closed  ZTE had only At the point the campaign was closed, it had only pledges of $36,245  but its target was to get $500,000. However, the progress was essentially stopped in January 201, and the company finally admitted the mistakes which it made in the Project CXS.

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ZTE is now giving back all the pledges. Pledges will be given to those people who at first believed and supported in the Project. Anyhow the Kickstarter page is still in function but it will work as a community board for the Hawkeye.