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Project CARS 2 will be running in Native 4k @60 FPS on Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Mad Studios is working on the 2nd installment of Project Cars racing series. One of the top racing simulation on the market founded by the fans on the crowdfunding site. This game was was released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and this particular title on XBox One was running in 900p and 1080p on PS4. Both version were trying to hit 60 FPS but the framerates depends on cars, tracks and the weather condition and it wasn’t a stable 60 FPS all the way through.

Mad Studios is working on the sequel of the game and they confirmed that this game will be both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhanced. There’s not enough information on PS4 Pro version of the game but they did confirm that they Xbox One X version of the game will run in Native 4k @60 FPS.

Which shows that they were able to scale their current game engine up from 900p to Native 4k which is a huge thing and we are talking about third-party developer. It’s not first party developer like we were seeing for the last couple of days that only first party games will be native 4k whereas, third party games will be using checkerboard rendering. Which proves that there will be third-party developers that will take full advantage of Xbox One X extra resources.

However, higher resolutions is not the only thing that matters, high resolution textures, graphical fidelity settings makes the game to look even better and also one other thing which is more important is framerate. The previous game on PS4 and Xbox One wasn’t a stable 60 FPS game and they should sort this out in this particular version on PS4 Pro as well.


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