The procedure that how you can Download videos from Facebook:

This article is the procedure that how you can Download videos from Facebook. As we all know that Facebook is one of the biggest and famous social media in all over the world and every one has a Facebook account. In this time more than 5 million active users of the Facebook. Developers provide many software and applications to use this social media on PC browser and also on a smartphone. Facebook provides many functions and features like, voice calling, video calling and much more thing.

downvids The procedure that how you can Download videos from Facebook


In this article, we will tell you that ow you guys can download videos from Facebook so if you guys are interested and want to know the procedure so read complete article. Facebook allows the user to share their videos and pictures and tag with their friend’s so many viral videos you guys seen every day and want to save all of them but Facebook did not allow you to download those couple of videos so if you guys want to download those videos so you have to use third-party applications and that’s a risk but in this article we will tell you the safe procedure through you can download videos without any risk.

So developers allow some tools and applications there are one hidden tools which will allow you download Facebook private videos. The procedure is given below.


Downvids is the tool which will help you to download videos from Facebook. If you want to download the videos of Facebook through this tool you have to paste the URL of the video to this tools it will ask you about the quality of the video select the quality and format and hit the download button your video will be downloaded in few minutes. So that’s an easy way to download the video through this Downvids amazing tool.

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DownVids 1 The procedure that how you can Download videos from Facebook