As we all know by now that AMD is going to launch their new Ryzen line of CPU’s on March 2nd. The company sure has created a hype in the market and people have been waiting for it. Pictures and details have surfaced on the internet regarding the new CPU’s as well.

Close up pictures of AMD Ryzen chips have also surfaced on the internet giving us a look on how the processor would look. There is also a picture showing the backside of the processors with pins. If you don’t know AMD Ryzen CPU’s would be using a new socket called PGA 1331 socket. The number 1331 basically means there are a total of 1331 pins on the back side of the processor just like Intel brands their CPU’s.

There are a total of 9 type of Ryzen CPU’s where three are from the Ryzen 3 family, other three are from Ryzen 5 family and the last 3 are from the Ryzen 7 family also being the high end processors of the bunch.

It has been said that motherboard manufacturers might also come up with their own version of sockets which might have more or less pins than the normal motherboards. This is said to be done to improve the overclockability of the new Ryzen chips. When it comes to socket AMD is better and reliable at it compared to the LGA socket that Intel has. Many first time PC builders have ruined their LGA sockets while putting their CPU’s in or just buy removing the socket cover. While there hasn’t been any incident like that on AMD’s side.

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New AMD Ryzen CPU’s also supports more USB ports as well as more PCIE lanes than before. A picture showing the prices of the new Ryzen CPU’s have also surfaced the internet. Showing AMD selling their new line of CPU’s lower than their competition known as Intel. AMD seems to be ready to begin with a big launch though we are not sure about the prices yet.

amd ryzen leaked list 300x167 AMD Ryzen prices surfaced on the internet way cheaper than Intel