2 Prey finally gets the update 1.04 – Improve Graphics Fidelity but No support for Higher Resolutions

Today we’ll be talking about Prey and the latest 1.04 update that apparently not only brings quite a lot of fixes for the game but also some PlayStation Pro graphical enhancements. So, on Bethesda Official reddit page you can actually find this post where they actually go into more details about the actual changes to the game and there’s actually quite a long list of changes for PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of Graphical Fidelity.

Now first off please note that the game that the actual patch do not bring any resolution changes. So, it’s still 1080p game 30 frames per second on PlayStation Pro just like PlayStation 4. However, there are some changes in terms of like Graphical Fidelity so, let’s check the list:

Update v 1.04 includes:  

  • PS4 Pro Support added for:
    • Enable Screen-Space Reflections
    • Higher quality shadows
    • Improved texture appearance
    • More texture memory (stable streaming)
    • Anisotropy 16x (from 4x)
    • Improved visual fidelity
    • Less LOD usage
    • Dynamic lights show up further
    • Particles are allowed to draw more pixels per effect
    • Particle refraction enabled
  • Additional fixes for PS4 input drift
  • Glooing Cook between objectives no longer breaks mission
  • ‘Nightmare is Hunting You’ no longer plays after completing ‘Copy Protection’ without Typhon Neuromods installed
  • Disgruntled Employee mission now properly completes if player finds Grant Lockwood prior to getting mission.
  • Sarah Elazar will now give the code for Cargo Bay B if player has hostility from Phantoms
  • Aaron Ingram will no longer flee and cower when released in Psychotronics
  • Player can no longer lock themselves in the security pharmaceuticals office in Trauma
  • Superfruit no longer appears shrunken and flat when fully grown.
  • Adjusted timing on several cutscenes.
  • Blank objective markers no longer persist above reticle
  • Using key actions while controller prompts are shown will no longer cause a freeze.
  • Tracking bracelets are now sent to Recycler with “Transfer all Junk”

Now obviously this all looks so good and sounds pretty good. So, we were kind of curious how this actually looks in real action. So, we actually found a very good video comparing those two, courtesy of Candyland. They are pretty good with comparisons check the video below for yourself.

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The new update makes it looks different, but is it better? well that depends on the person who is looking at it. We don’t see any huge difference between the two, in some scenes it’s different and in some it’s not that huge difference, pretty much the same. In terms of the Graphical Fidelity there are some changes, which aren’t that huge. Anyway let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.