Ransomware attacks have become a symbol of fear for many as the disastrous results even cause multi-national companies to agree with the terms set by these attackers. The world came to know about a new kind of Ransomware attack this past Tuesday when a malware named ‘Petya Ransomware‘ attacked a number of systems in Ukraine and halted a number of systems causing a serious trouble to the government. It was one of the deadliest cyber attacks in the history of Ukraine as stated by their Interior Minister.

institutions employee ukraine oschadbank ukrainian terminal payment 323abdfc 5b5d 11e7 a7a5 fdf01393e65b How to save your computer from falling prey to Petya Ransomware attack?

What Are The Preventive Measures?

There is no official update released by Microsoft to counter this issue in particular but BBC has released a ‘Vaccine‘ for it. The vaccine is a simple looking measure which everyone should take even if the problem is not that big for most of the parts of the world.

Simply create a ‘Read-Only File’ on your desktop and move it to “C:\Windows” folder on your computer. Now rename the file as perfc and you are all set. According to the BBC report, this measure would be enough to fight the “disease” but this will not protect other computers attached to the safe one.

Latest Windows Version is Already Exempted From The Threat

Those who are using the latest version of Windows are already exempted from this threat and they need not worry. For those running the older version, this simple step can make a big difference.

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Possible Threats

If your computer is vulnerable and left open to a Petya Ransomware attack, it can cost you around $300 in Bitcoin to get your data back. The organizations which already fell victim to the Petya Ransomware attack include

  • Ukrainian Central Bank
  • A Russian oil giant
  • An advertising firm
  • A law firm in the US
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