8 42 Press Release confirmed that Far Cry 5 will have Xbox Scorpio Support

A lot of people are really excited because we got Far Cry 5 announcement and it looks pretty damn cool. It was much bigger than anybody could have anticipated. Not only the company released a much anticipated reveal trailer but a whole bunch of other videos showing numerous aspects of the game, it’s world and all the characters.

It has put the role of Hope County, Montana Junior Deputy, arrive in a fictional town. Doesn’t go down well with the residents and triggers a violent takeover by religious call. So, all that sound pretty interesting and kind of political. There’s a lot of negative comments about the game already before the release.

The most important thing is the part of the press release that confirms this game as having an Xbox Scorpio support. That’s right! and we all know that Xbox Scorpio version will indeed be the best version of the game and that is absolutely a great thing to consider when looking forward.

9 19 Press Release confirmed that Far Cry 5 will have Xbox Scorpio Support

However, it was advertised with Sony but at the end of the day it has Xbox version too which is something interesting. Ubisoft is going to do a good job with supporting Xbox Scorpio in the future and assumingly Microsoft does have a good relationship with them also Microsoft is in desperate need of marketing deals because it’s one thing to have a console that’s the best. It’s another thing to actually have some content to actually show off for that console and right now things are looking a little sparse.

Hopefully we do get to see some of these games in action here at E3, hopefully we’ll be seeing this game at E3 but will we see it on Scorpio? Will Microsoft get footage of that to put up on their YouTube?

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