In most of the virtual reality headsets, an eye tracking feature is one of the important items that enhances the ability and performance of the VR. HTC Vive announced to release the upgrade kit that will come with the pair of the eye tracking lens.

GetNewsRptjpg Preorder the HTC Vive eye tracking lens kit for $220

According to the Verge report, these eye tracking lens for the HTC Vive VR headset is available by the Chinese company named as 7invensun. This company will start preorder the headset for $220 for each set. Moreover, from the report, users will get it for the next month. The initially a Glass lens will be available in the China and it is expected that worldwide users will get it at the end of the year.

Moreover, from the report, the two eyepieces of the glass are there to fit inside the HTC Vive, With the eyepieces, there are also three pairs of interchangeable lenses that allow users to change the lens. These lenses must be connected to the USB with the headset, that allows users to follow the objects.


aglass 750x500 Preorder the HTC Vive eye tracking lens kit for $220

HTC is planning to expand up the business unit with the collaboration of the third parties that made the accessories for the HTC Virtual reality headsets. These third parties will upgrade and control the VR headsets via accessories.

There are many companies like Fove are making the eye tracking lenses and VR accessories. Google is also working on the same track and acquired the Fove. The eye tracking lenses are the first time being introduce and working effectively for all VR headsets.

This aGlass feature for the HTC Vive and for all the VR headset is potential to increase the performance and the best quality experiences for the virtual reality. You can share your thoughts about the HTC Vive Glass lenses with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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