PowerVR Furian is a new GPU architecture, that was recently announced by Imagination Technologies for Apple. Imagination Technologies have been working with Apple since the beginning. While with the new PowerVR Furian architecture. Imagination Technologies claims improved performance and efficiency. That is going to benefit future iPhone’s.

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Source: appleinsider

Furian architecture will perform over 70 to 90% better than their current architecture, named Rogue. Imagination Technology was able to achieve it by bumping up the performance of its shaders, to perform 35% better than on its predecessor. With improvement being also done to the fill-rate as well. Which now performs 80% better, compared to its predecessor the Series7XT plus GPU.

PowerVR Furian Architecture Launch RC2.3 06 Imagination Technologies PowerVR Furian To Power Apples Future Smartphones
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Performance is not the only thing that the new Furian architecture offers. As alongside high end performance the new architecture is also designed to consume very less power. This could further improve the battery life on future iPhone smartphones, down the line. In both normal as well as task related to graphics.

According to Imagination Studios “We created Furian to address a new class of emerging applications, with a focus on efficient scalability that will extend to multiple generations of PowerVR IP cores. We’re excited to start rolling out the first 8XT IP cores based on Furian. These cores will further cement the leadership of PowerVR at the high end of mobile performance.”

Aside from that, Imagination Technologies have also confirmed that the new Furian architecture will also support 4k graphics. Meaning Apple has plans to bump up the resolution on their future iPhone smartphones down the line.

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Imagination Technologies is planning to launch their first Series8XT graphics chip. Which is based on the Furian architecture, in mid-2017. But sadly we won’t see it on the upcoming iPhone 8. Maybe Apple might decide to include it next year with the launch of iPhone 9.